Public Construction

Public construction

In our early days, we engaged in engineering public, as well as private construction work for kibbutzim and settlements around the Jordan Valley. Public construction is our main line of work and includes the establishment of multiple public institutions. All this is in parallel to our projects of restoration and preservation, which are carried out with a high level of precision. Key examples of public construction that we have carried out:
Construction of factories: “Log” Ashdot Yaakov, “Arkle” Beit Semen, “Golan Plast” Golan Gate, “Gibbs Bridge”, “Magma” Kibbutz Gesher, “Hofit” Kinneret Group.
Construction of assisted living in the Valley Kibbutzim: Golan Heights Gate, Beit Semen, Afikim, Gesher and The Sea of Galilee.
Construction and renovation of hotels and guest houses: “Soldier’s House in Tiberias”, Crowne Plaza Bria Hotel, Youth Hostel in Meadows and Puria, Student Dormitories in the Sea of Galilee and Bridge, B & B’s in Ashdot Yaakov. Construction of dairy reserves in kinneret group, Kfar Hitim, Kibbutz Afikim and Ashdot Yaakov.
Establishment of a commercial center in the Golan Heights, construction of private schools and gardens in the northern region and more.
Over the years, we have gained extensive experience and expertise in the field, as well as a reputation regarding the quality of construction and compliance with the schedules, advantages and characteristics that provided us an “entry ticket” into a select group of contractors for the Israeli government particularly the Ministry of Defense.

Government / Security Construction

Our company has gained extensive experience over the decades in carrying out projects commissioned to us by the Israeli government, particularly by the Ministry of Defense. Our work in this field includes a wide range of projects which we have successfully finalized over the years for the Ministry of Defense. These ventures were assigned to us because we are renowned for delivering our projects in the most efficient, effective and timely manner. Our expertise in casting concrete along with a distinguished professional team – a team that we have employed for many years.

Private Construction

We carried out a variety of projects in northern and central Israel that included the construction of private homes, as well as the renovation of condominiums, some of which in collaboration with Tzedal and Betzron company. The shear number of referrals we have obtained form government bodies are a testament to the satisfaction of our customers.

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